We are a young couple of artists who have discovered the love of photography through travel. Ours is a self-taught path that we carry forward with commitment and dedication since 2015. What excites us most about this art is the possibility of being able to tell the world, in its fragility and beauty, through our eyes. If we were to summarize what shooting represents for us, we would say that photography is the mirror of our perception, of our desire to tell, through the light, the shadows of the society in which we live, often controversial and elusive. Our goal? Let our footprints not fade into dust.

About Us

Valentina Smeraldi, 27 years old, Sicilian of origin, traveller for passion. I studied music from an early age and at 18 years old I continued this journey moving to Rome, where in 2014 I met my better half, with whom I decided to start a new path of life starting to travel. 
It was during these journeys that I had the desire to try my hand at photography, studying the technique and trying to find my mark in it. 

What I’m looking for is the story behind the images, the sound that can emerge from a silent click, the light that makes the heart vibrate. To date, I am committed to bringing forward social and contextual themes through portraits. 

- Currently finalist at the SIPA 2019 contest


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Fabio Baudo, 29 years old, born and lived in Rome until the age of 21, when I decide to start travelling to improve my career (professional chef). From here, my love of travel is born that will propel me overseas with my better half. Just as we work in the Australian desert we buy our first camera, and it’s love at first sight.

Back in Italy we decide to deepen the study and dedicate ourselves to our first reportage that will take place in Kenya, where my wife’s father founded MISSION KENYA and of which I will be part as a missionary photographer. From 2016 to today the project has engaged me in several photographic exhibitions in Italy and in many other projects that are taking shape

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